Lakma Group of Companies

It is a Polish group of companies operating in the field of construction, household and industrial chemicals under the LAKMA brand since the late 1980s . The group consists of one of the largest Polish producers of household chemicals – LAKMA STREFA, the producer of brands commonly used in Polish homes, such as SIDOLUX, PERLUX – the producer of industrial chemicals Pollena-Astra, and LAKMA SAT, the producer of silicones, insulation systems and construction chemicals such as LAKMA, LAKMA TERM and Francesco GUARDI Collezione

Group strength

30 years
in the market
position in the market
ISO standards
Own logistics

Our strategy is based on investing in new technologies, researching and creating new trends in our industry as well as responding to new market needs. Thanks to this approach, we are constantly developing and offering our customers high quality products that meet European standards, while maintaining very competitive prices. Our distinctive feature, compared to our competitors, is also high flexibility in meeting individual customer needs.

In research and development activity, LAKMA closely cooperates with renowned western chemical concerns, guaranteeing a very high quality of products implemented.

Markets in which we operate

LAKMA is an organisation that operates dynamically in the Polish market and is constantly expanding its range to new foreign markets. Currently, our products can be found in such countries as Poland, Germany, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, China, Kazakhstan.

History in a nutshell


The company started its operations in 1988. Initially, LAKMA was engaged in manufacturing machines for lacquer and paint production. In 1993, in response to growing market needs, we transformed ourselves into an independent manufacturer of selected construction chemistry products.



From the very beginning, we focused on innovation, which resulted in the rapid growth of the company. In a short time, LAKMA started the production of silicones and assembly adhesives, and subsequently plasters and decorative paints. Construction chemicals was not the only industry in which the company was developing. In the meantime, we have also launched a company whose main area of activity became household chemistry - LAKMA STREFA Sp. z o.o. This branch of the company continues to operate today as a separate, independent business entity. It is best known to customers for its highly successful SIDOLUX brand.


Today, LAKMA is an extensive multi-company organisation, consisting of the following companies:

  • LAKMA SAT – one of the biggest Polish producers of construction and household chemicals. The company has always been characterised by high quality products at very competitive prices and the ability to adapt to individual customer needs
  • LAKMA STREFA – a company with 30 years of experience on the Polish and international markets. The company operates in the areas of Household Chemistry and Professional Chemistry.Manufacturer of many well-known brands such as Sidolux, Perlux, PROFIMAX.
  • LAKMA Sp. z o.o. - the branch of the company responsible for the entire logistics infrastructure – high storage warehouse, organisation of shipments, transport, etc.
  • POLLENA ASTRA – A household, professional and automotive chemical plant with over 100 years of tradition. The company has modern, automated equipment for the production and packaging of all kinds of liquids in the above-mentioned range. Production takes place for the Polish and international market.

Each of these companies has its own production, research and development, marketing, distribution as well as logistics facilities.