Unlike household chemicals and household cleaners, these have much higher efficiency and are much more economical. These products are often concentrates or super concentrates, so they are very economical and cost-efficient in dosing and the seemingly higher price is in fact much lower than that of household chemicals if you take into account the efficiency, quality and cleanliness that these preparations guarantee. Professional cleaning supplies for businesses should be chosen carefully, keeping in mind that it is worth using proven products that increase cleaning efficiency.

The primary choice is the application of cleaning products. Of course, we can also distinguish other categories, taking into account the type of detergent, frequency of use, ph of the preparation and many other parameters.

Economy, efficiency, ecology

Professional and household chemical products almost always differ in the type of active ingredient used. The ones found in professional products can be up to several times faster at removing stains than the ingredients used in household chemicals. This means that professional products will allow us to reduce the time we have to spend on cleaning large facilities. In many companies and industrial enterprises, time plays a crucial role.

Due to the degree and types of dirt present there as well as the size of these facilities, public spaces and industrial halls require stronger and faster-acting preparations, i.e. professional chemical agents. In some places, they are obligatory as they offer greater comfort and smoother operation

After a major renovation, we may find lime deposits, plaster residue, or other mineral residues on the floor. The best choice in such a case is an acidic preparation with a low pH, which can easily deal with this type of dirt. Before applying this product, please note that it is an acidic product. It is not suitable for surfaces that are not acid resistant. Always start with the lowest concentration to make sure you do not damage the surface you are cleaning. After application, the floor should be rinsed well with water to neutralise it.

To remove mould, we use products containing chlorine. It is important to remember that mould is fungus and fungi are not merely the parts we see. They penetrate deep into the structure. What we remove with chemical agents, fungicidal products, is only removing visible stains. These actions must be systematically repeated, otherwise the fungi will reappear after 2-3 months. The only solution is to improve the conditions in the room (usually efficient ventilation eliminates the problem).

When washing floor panels, many people use too much of either water or detergent. Meanwhile, you only need a little bit of both. Thus, panels should be cleaned with a damp mop, from which excess water was squeezed out first. It is best to use a flat mop as it is easier to remove excess water from it; it is recommended to use preparations containing alcohol which evaporates relatively quickly from the surface  

The cause of streaks on glazed surfaces is improper selection of cleaning agents as well as improper application of the preparation, usage of inappropriate mop and too much water

The effect of washing dishes in dishwashers is influenced by a number of factors such as the choice of a suitable detergent which takes into account the type of dishes and hardness of water, the use of rinsing liquids called rinse-aids, the use of appropriate procedures, the right preparation of the dishes and their arrangement in the dishwasher as well as procedures after the dishwashing is finished, such as drying the dishes outside the washing chamber to avoid water condensation. Of course, a clean and efficient dishwasher is crucial.

The selection of methods and agents depends on the material from which the grout is made. Hence, the grout cleaning agent chosen should enable the removal of stubborn dirt without destroying the surface. It should be applied directly onto the grout and left for a few minutes. Then, the product should be rinsed with water along with the dirt. For more difficult dirt, use a narrow brush. However, no hard-bristled tools should be used for grout cleaning. Soft-bristled brushes or fine cloths should be used.