Training centre

Technology facilities

Training courses in technology, cost optimisation, selection of equipment or OHS regulations improve the qualifications of personnel who directly impact the optimisation of the cleaning process.

A usable area of 192m2 with 12 different types of flooring (including marble, PVC, linoleum, wood, floorboard, fine stoneware, concrete, terracotta, etc.) where all Professional Chemical products can be easily tested


  • Proper selection and application of Lakma Professional products,
  • Requirements for the safe use of professional cleaning agents,
  • Influence of the conditions and technique of use on the final effectiveness of the preparations,
  • Methods for achieving maximum efficiency when using Lakma Professional products,
  • Selection of preparations adequately to the type of surface, intensity, type of dirt and frequency of cleaning.




Center of Poland - Zgierz
ul. 3 maja 4 (I piętro)
95-100 Zgierz

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South of Poland - Warszowice
ul. Gajowa 7
42-254 Warszowice

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