Two-phase heavy duty cleaning agent

500 ml

DOUBLE CLEANER is a two-phase agent for removing stubborn dirt such as sticky dirt, stubborn grease, stickers, adhesive residue from self-adhesive materials, stamp and marker marks, and ink. It is suitable for application on surfaces made of plastics (e.g. window frames, plastic garden furniture), ceramics, tiles, linoleum, metal, and enameled surfaces.

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Detailed description

The blue phase dissolves dirt, cleans perfectly and prevents streaks. The transparent phase protects cleaned surfaces
and prevents re-soiling. Does not require rinsing with water.

  • removes sticker, stamp and marker marks
  • easy to use
  • does not require rinsing with water
  • does not leave streaks



How to use

Ready to use.

Shake the bottle well before use until the phases are mixed. Spray the surface, wait for a few seconds
and wipe with a cloth. Wear protective gloves.

Unsuitable for cleaning windowpanes!


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