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Preseptol p 1 L dezynfekcja
Preseptol p 1 L dezynfekcja


Detergent for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

1 L | 5 L

PRESEPTOL P is a bactericidal and fungicidal 2-in-1 concentrated agent, intended for disinfecting cleaning of floors and other surfaces at health care facilities. It is recommended to use it on waterproof surfaces made of ceramics, plastics or varnished wood.

Detailed description and how to use
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Detailed description

The product is classied under the Category I; Group
2 and Group 4 — product for disinfection and
cleaning of surfaces and oors in medical facilities
(also coming into contact with food), according
to the classication set out in the REGULATION
OF MINISTER OF HEALTH of 17th of January 2003
on categories and groups of biocidal products per
their intended use (Dz. U. 16/2003 item 150).

  • cleaning and disinfection
  • wide range of applications
  • suitable for application on surfaces coming in
    contact with food
  • 3761/09 - number of permit for biocidal product



How to use

Use undiluted. Depending on the desired biocidal effect and in accordance with the test results, the following concentrations should be used:
• 1.5% functional solution (985 ml of water + 15ml of PRESEPTOL P) for a period of 5 minutes — to achieve a bactericidal eect (antibacterial disinfection).
• 5% functional solution (950 ml of water + 50 ml of PRESEPTOL P) for a period of 15 minutes — to achieve a complete disinfectant effect (complete disinfection: bacteria and fungi).

If room characteristics allow it, spray the surface to be cleaned with an atomiser. After waiting for 5 minutes, rinse the whole surface with water. If mould is present, increase disinfection time to 15 minutes. In the other rooms (offices, admission rooms, wards, and corridors) clean the oor with a mop and allow to dry.
For cleaning the walls and vertical surfaces, wear rubber gloves, clean the surfaces manually with a cloth and leave them to dry. After dilution, the product should be used within 14 days. Facilities can be used directly after cleaning
and disinfection are fnished. After cleaning and disinfection, surfaces coming into contact with food must be rinsed with potable water.

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