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Profibasic s533 1L
Profibasic s533 1L


Heavy duty sanitary facility cleaner

1 L | 5 L | 10 L

PROFIBASIC S 533 is an effective product based on hydrochloric acid, intended for removing rust, limescale and lime deposits from surfaces resistant to strong acids (e.g. toilet pans, bidets, urinals). It is very effective.

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Detailed description



  • heavy-duty cleaning
  • very strong acidic agent
  • effective
  • excellent rust removal


How to use

Ready to use

Apply the product directly to the surface cleaned. Flush with water after 2–3 minutes. In case of strong contamination leave the product for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe with a brush and brush  with water. In case of very stubborn dirt, repeat the procedure.

Do not apply on surfaces sensitive to acids.
Do not mix with products containing chlorine.

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