Bactericidal and fungicidal agent for cleaning and quick disinfection

5 L

PROFIMAX LH 2 is a slightly alkaline agents for quick disinfection and cleaning of washable surfaces such as tiles, bathtubs, shower cabins, washbasins, toilets, and bidets.

Detailed description and how to use
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Detailed description

The product can also be used for disinfecting phones, remote controls, door handles/knobs and other washable
surfaces. Does not result in surface scratches.

  • concentrate - 5l
  • bactericidal and fungicidal agent
  • removes greasy dirt
  • consistent scent for the whole line of products
    for hotels

How to use

Concentrate: 10% concentration.

Ready to use:
Apply the agent onto a cloth and wipe the surface. If applied onto a fungi or mold, apply LH 2 directly onto the surface and wait at least 1 minute until the agent works (according the principle that the longer the agent’s action on the soiled surface, the stronger its cleaning power). Next, rinse with water or wipe with damp cloth and then wipe dry.

The time from applying the product to achieving a biocidal effect is 1 minute.


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