Air freshener and odour neutralizer

500 ml

PROFIMAX LH 5 is an agent that neutralises odours and refreshes the air. Intended for regular air freshening in hotel rooms, clubs and restaurants, particularly those exposed to cigarette smoke.

Detailed description and how to use
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Detailed description

Effectively neutralises unpleasant odours, leaving a long-lasting, pleasant and fresh smell. LH 5 does not leave a greasy film on the surface.

  • ready for use - 500 mL
  • effectively neutralises unpleasant odours,
  • does not leave a greasy film
  • consistent scent for the whole line of products for hotels

How to use

Concentrate: 10% concentration.

Ready to use.
In case of a medium-sized room spray the product 1–2 times into air at a central point of the room. Increase
the dosage proportionally in larger rooms.

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