Innovative agent - combination of powder and gel - for washing color fabrics

5 L

VENTIN COLOR is an innovative combination of washing powder and gel in one product.

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Detailed description

Thanks to the innovative formula, it removes stains from color fabrics with the effectiveness of powder and protects them against graying.  Suitable for all types of washing machines and hand washing.

  • removes stains with the effectiveness of powder
  • contains optical brightener
  • gentle on fabrics
  • gives the laundry a fresh, long-lasting fragrance

How to use

Ready for use.

Shake before use. Pour the appropriate  amount of the product into the dispenser. Place the gel powder dispenser directly into the drum of the washing machine. Then, place the items to be washed in the drum and start the washing machine as usual. In the case of heavy stains,  before washing, they can be rubbed using the special tip of the dispenser. Remove the dispenser before tumble drying

Do not use for pre-washing, washing wool, silk and linen.

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