Universal degreaser

500 ml | 5 L

FAT CLEANER is an alkaline agent intended for removal of all greasy and oily soiling. It is indispensable in every home, offce, store and other public utility facilities.

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Detailed description


It is perfect for cleaning ovens, hoods, barbecues, fireplace glass, engines, bicycles, gardening equipment, etc. It also removes stubborn dirt from clothing, plastic surfaces, ceramic
tiles and other washable surfaces. It is suitable for application on surfaces having contact with food.

  • effective at dissolving grease
  • pleasantly scented
  • suitable for application on surfaces having
    contact with food



How to use

Ready to use.

Spray the stain or the soiled surface evenly and leave the agent for 5 minutes to dissolve the grease.
Then wipe it with damp cloth or rinse with water. Use a brush if necessary. In case of severe scorch
marks the procedure can be repeated. The small elements that are hard to clean manually
can be put into a water bath with 10% concentration of the agent for 20-30 minutes.

Apply only on surfaces resistant to alkalis. Surfaces coming in contact with food have to be rinsed with potable water.

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