Fungicide and bactericide

5 L | 20 L

SANITEX DISINFECTANT is designed for cleaning and disinfecting devices, equipment and other hard surfaces resistant to chlorine.

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Detailed description


Intended for surfaces that come or do not come in direct contact  with food. 
Active substance: Active chlorine released by 
sodium hypochlorite CAS 7681-52-9 [content 4.1
g/100 g]

  • Biocidal product marketing authorisation number:
  • for use in the food industry
  • for maintaining veterinary hygiene
  • for disinfection of greenhouses and mushroom farms


How to use


Cleaning and disinfection: prepare a 5% working solution  of Sanitex disinfectant by dissolving  5 kg in 95 litres of water. The working solution should be prepared immediately before use and the entire solution should be used. When cleaning with the use of a foaming device  apply the foam to the surfaces or dip them in the working solution.
To obtain a biocidal effect (bacteria + fungi), allow contact with the washed surface for at least 15 minutes. After cleaning and disinfection the cleaned surfaces should be rinsed thoroughly with drinking water.

Cleaning and disinfection in veterinary hygiene: prepare a 15% working solution of Sanitex disinfectant by dissolving 15 kg in 85 litres of water and follow the instructions  in point 1. To obtain a biocidal effect  (bacteria + fungi), allow contact with the washed surface for at least 120 minutes.

Do not apply to aluminium or galvanised surfaces. The product discolours textiles. 

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