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Flormatik gres alkali 1L
Flormatik gres alkali 1L


Alkaline agent for cleaning stoneware tiles

1 L | 10 L | 200 L

FLORMATIK GRES ALKALI is an alkaline product, which, depending on the concentration, is perfect for: heavy duty cleaning, removal of stubborn dirt and everyday cleaning of microporous surfaces resistant to water.

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Detailed description


Particularly recommended for cleaning stoneware tiles (gres) and anti-slip tiles. FLORMATIK GRES ALKALI is used for manual cleaning, in cleaning machines, and in single-disc
scrubbing machines.

  • dissolves oil- and fat-based contaminations
  • deep penetration of pores
  • excellent surface wetting
  • perfect also for everyday cleaning


How to use


Prepare a working solution depending on the intended application and the degree of contamination of surface cleaned.
Heavy-duty cleaning: 10–30% concentration. Spread the solution on the surface and leave for 5–10 minutes to act. Afterwards, use single-disc scrubbing machine for cleaning. Collect the dirt using a vacuum cleaner, rinse with cold water.
Cleaning machine: 1–2% concentration.
Everyday cleaning: 0.5–1% concentration.

Do not apply on surfaces sensitive to alkalis.

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