Polymer-based preserving and polishing agent with increased resistance to alcohols and disinfectants

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AKRYLAN HIGH GLOSS is a polymer-based dispersion for professional preservation and polishing of surfaces exposed to destruction and impact of alcohols and disinfectants (e.g.: PVC, linoleum, or articial or natural stone).

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Detailed description

This agent is perfect for using at hospitals. AKRYLAN
HG creates a high gloss coating without the need
for polishing. The coating effectively protects
against scratches and abrasion, as well as deep
penetration of the surface by dirt.
Regular polishing of a polymer-based coating
with high-speed rotary floor machines increases
shining effect and removes scratches and marks
created during use.

  • exhibits high resistance to disinfecting
  • perfect for use in hospitals and health care
  • anti-static properties (PN-EN 1815:2001, PNEN
    1081:2001 standards)
  • non-slip properties (PN-EN 14041 standard)


How to use

Ready to use.

Apply uniformly 2–3 layers of AKRYLAN HG using a clean mop or an applicator on a dry, clean and degreased surface. Apply each new layer only after the previous one has dried. Leave the last layer to dry completely for at least 1.5 h.

When applying on new surfaces, degrease them using the STRIPPER or SBN cleaner. STRIPPER or SBN can also be used for removing old polymerbased coatings.

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