Specialist agent for industrial cleaning

1 L | 5 L

FLORMATIK GMS is a strong alkaline agent intended for cleaning water-resistant industrial floors that are not protected with polymers. It can be applied for cleaning all types of surfaces, except for wooden floors and textile linings.

Detailed description and how to use
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Detailed description


The combinations of alkalis and surfactants results in
excellent emulsification of dirt particles. Perfect for cleaning large surfaces The product is intended for machine cleaning (all kinds of machines) and in appropriate concentration it can also be used for manual cleaning.

  • excellent degreasing properties
  • eficient
  • perfect for use on large surfaces
  • does not contain phosphates


How to use

Heavy-duty cleaning: 10–15% concentration. Apply the solution onto the floor, leave for 10 minutes, scrub, and finally collected the dirt dissolved.
Everyday cleaning: 0.5–2% concentration.
Manual cleaning: 0.1–2% concentration.

Do not use the agent on surfaces protected with polymers. Do not apply on surfaces sensitive to alkalis.