Polymer removing cleaning agent

5 L | 10 L

STRIPPER ULTRA is a concentrated alkaline agent intended for dissolving old layers of waxes and polymers from water-resistant floor (e.g. PVC, artificial stone, natural stone). Acts quickly by removing the remains of gloss coatings and old dried dirt, such as soot and rubber marks.

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Detailed description


The agent is characterised by poor foaming and therefore it can be used in single-disc rotary floor machines, as well as for manual cleaning.

  • a strong alkaline agent
  • effectively dissolves even the toughest dirt
  • facilitates removal of old polymer and wax
  • has excellent emulsifying properties


How to use


Concentration from 5% to 20% depending on the degree of soiling. Spread the working solution
prepared on the surface cleaned. Leave for 3–10 minutes. Do not allow to dry. Scrub, remove dissolved
dirt, neutralize the floor with water twice and then dry thoroughly. Use longer contact time and higher
concentrations for heavier soiling.

It is not suitable for cleaning linoleum, wood, parquets, panels and surfaces sensitive to strong alkalis.

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