Universal alcohol-based cleaning agent

1 L | 5 L | 10 L

CLEANER ALCO is a very eective alcohol based cleaning agent for removing any kind of dirt, even the most stubborn.

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Detailed description


It can be used on all water- -resistant floors and above-floor surfaces (such as PVC, linoleum, natural and artificial stone, marble, stoneware tiles, windows, window frames, furniture,
glossy surfaces made of metal, plastic, ceramics
and glass). This agent is very encient, does not leave streaks and does not lead to buildup. It can be used both for manual cleaning and in cleaning machines.

  • strong concentrate
  • dries quickly
  • does not build up
  • does not leave streaks


How to use


Concentration from 0.25% to 2% depending on the degree of soiling of the surface cleaned.

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