Descaling agent

1 L | 5 L

PROFIMAX SP 150 is a concentrated agent based on phosphoric acid, intended for removal of mineral deposits.

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Detailed description


Effectively removes scale from dishwashers, boilers, coee machines, hydraulic fittings (taps, sinks etc.). It is safe for ceramic, metal and acid-resistant surfaces. The surfaces and
accessories treated with PROFIMAX SP 150 regain
their original appearance.

  • effective limescale removal
  • contains phosphoric acid
  • approved for contact with food


How to use

Dosage should be adjusted to individual conditions.
Dishwashers: 20% concentration.
Kitchen accessories: 5% concentration. In case of very strong soiling (very thick layer of limescale),
SP 150 may be used without dilution, on condition of applying safety measures. Leave the agent for up to 10 minutes on the surface cleaned and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Apply on acid-resistant surfaces only. Do not use for descaling electric kettles. In such case it is best to use the PROFIMAX SP 102 agent.

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