Agent for thorough cleaning of convection and steam ovens

5 L

PROFIMAX SP 180 OVEN is a concentrated liquid preparation for cleaning convection ovens.

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Detailed description


Thanks to its special formula  and high alkalinity
it easily removes burnt fat, proteins and other
organic dirt. Regular use prevents the formation of difficult to remove  deposits.

  • high alkaline concentrate
  • effectively removes grease and
    protein stains
  • regular use prevents the formation of
    lime deposits on surfaces


How to use

Ready for use.

Remove thicker layers of dirt mechanically, e.g. scraping off. Apply the product to the surface,  leave it on for 10-30 minutes, depending on the degree of staining, then rinse thoroughly  with water. In the case of machines equipped with an integrated washing and dosing system, place SP180 Oven in the machine and run a standard cleaning cycle.

The temperature of the surface to be cleaned  should not exceed 60 °C. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alkalis (copper, brass, aluminium, galvanised, etc.)

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