MACHINE DISH WASHING AGENT - soft and moderately hard water

5 L | 10 L | 20 L

PROFIMAX SP 111 is used for main dish washing in various types of industrial dishwashers. It removes effectively all organic contaminations and coffee and tea stains.

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Detailed description



It is recommended for use in situation where the smell of chlorine is undesirable.

  • effectively removes stubborn stains
  • does not contain chlorine or phosphates
  • perfect for washing in soft and moderately hard water


How to use


Dose using a pump dispenser. Average dosing: 1–3 mL of cleaning agent per 1 litre of water, depending on whether dishes underwent preliminary washing and on water hardness. It can be used for washing dishes made of ceramics (provided that their manufacturer allows mechanical
dishwashing), as wells as those made of stainless steel and plastics.

Not suitable for cleaning copper, brass, aluminum and silver dishes.
Do not apply on surfaces sensitive to alkalis.

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