Heavy duty kitchen appliance cleaner

1 L | 5 L

PROFIMAX SP 180is intended for heavy-duty cleaning of barbecues, convection ovens, ovens, fryers and other similar devices operating at high temperatures.

Detailed description and how to use
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Detailed description


It is perfect at quick and easy removal of thick layers of grease and scorch marks from the surface.

  • removes severe scorch marks and grease
    quickly and easily
  • approved for contact with food
  • perfect for appliances operating at high


How to use

Ready to use.

Ovens, stoves, barbecues: Apply the concentrated agent onto surfaces heated up to the temperature of no more than 60°C and
leave for 10–30 minutes to work (depending on the degree to which the grease is scorched). Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Remove residual soiling mechanically. In case of particularly stubborn soiling, repeat the process.


Fryers: Concentration of 5%. Drain the oil and close the drain valve. Fill the fryer with water slightly above the oil level and carefully pour a solution of SP 180. If you have small accessories that can it into the fryer, it is advisable to immerse them in the washing bath and clean them together with the fryer. Turn the fryer on and let the solution warm up for 20–30 minutes, without allowing it
to boil. Then turn off the fryer, wait for the solution to cool down, open the valve and drain the solution. Rinse everything thoroughly with running water.

Before reflling with oil, dry the fryer carefully. Even a small amount of water in the fryer results in hot oil splashing, which may lead
to burns.

Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alkalis (copper, brass, aluminium, zinc-plated, etc.).

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