Stainless steel protection and care agent

1 L

PROFIMAX SP 170 is a product intended for protection of and care for stainless steel surfaces, such as dishwashers, cold rooms, doors and walls of ovens, counters, handrails, etc.

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Detailed description


It contains an emollient and silicon oils that preserve and protect surfaces against water and fat stains.
SP 170 provides the surface cleaned with a gentle

  • effectively protects and provides a gentle
  • protects against stains from water and fats
  • contains silicon oils
  • does not contain petroleum derivatives


How to use

Ready to use.

The stainless steel surfaces should be degreased prior to applying the agent. Then the agent should
be applied onto a cloth or paper towel and the surface cleaned should be polished.

Do not use on surfaces in direct contact with food.


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