Product for removing greasy contaminations

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FLORMATIK FAT is a mixture of alkalis and surfactants having a very strong effect. It is intended for cleaning water-resistant surfaces, such as: concrete floors, PVC, natural and aficial stone, walls, and elements of machines and engines. It can be also used for washing working clothes.

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Detailed description

The optimal content of detergent makes the product very quick and eficient at removing greasy and oily contaminations, rubber marks from forklift truck tyres, and organic and inorganic contaminations (e.g. proteins, fat, dust). FLORMATIK FAT is approved for contact with food and therefore it can be used in food and catering industry. FLORMATIK FAT can be used for manual or mechanical cleaning, as well as in high pressure equipment.

  • strong degreasing agent
  • very eficient
  • can be used for laundering working clothes
  • suitable for use in food and catering industryo



How to use


Concentration from 0.5% to 5% depending on the degree of soiling. Persistent and severe contaminations – concentration from 5% to 100%. Laundering working clothes – concentration from 0.1% to 1%. Contamination removal can be facilitated by
pre-wetting the surfaces cleaned through spraying them with the agent prior to actual cleaning. The surfaces in kitchens and catering facilities that come into contact with food should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

Do not apply on surfaces sensitive to alkalis. In case of doubt perform a spot test on a less visible place.

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